ATI Resolution 3, high speed pass

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  • I'm lovin it...

  • Hi Monroe, please feel free to contact ATI directly, the website (http://www.atiak.com) has a contact form and a phone number, which ever you prefer.  We've built and flown two airframes out of our molds and are working on a 3rd and a 4th right now.

  • This is the ATI resolution "3": http://www.atiak.com/

    92" wing span.  Approx. 6 lbs empty weight (ready to fly minus battery/payload).  Designed with a very large (for it's class) payload area.  Tough molded composite construction (no foam).  Cruises effortlessly at 40 kts, should be capable of much higher speeds if appropriately powered/prop'ed.  The general flying characteristics are neutrally stable and very predictable -- goes where you pointed and tends to stay pointed where you've pointed it.  Flies much like an intermediate sport/aerobatic RC plane (i.e. it's not a trainer.)  It's purpose built for UAV work in rough environments.  I've posted some more photos here:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/102377212811568752854/albums/562...

    Since the 1st prototype was built (in the photo) we've made several changes in material and construction to reduce weight and increase strength.

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