Flame Wheel 450 APM 2.5

Flame Wheel 450 APM 2.5

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  • I started out with a simple 250 racing drone about 8 months ago, but could not figure out why 2 of the 2300 KVA motors were not starting to spin as the other 2. So I went for a bigger frame and decided to assemble a 450 DJI Flame wheel fitted with 1000KVA motors and the same control board that I had on the 250. However after re-flashing the Naze32 with Clean flight I have the same problem with one of the motors this time as it does not start spinning as the other 3 motors. I don't know where the problem is coming from and would appreciate if someone might give me some advice. Thanks 

  • The DJI Flame Wheel 450 is an excellent quad for learning. It can take a licking and keeps on ticking. Not so much for the clones though.

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