ground control station - update

still have to fix the usb hub add Bluetooth keyboard + joystick put some foam for my tx maybe make a screen protectors for sun shading and connect the access point modem for wireless devices to hook up with the station

and I believe that that's it :)

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  • Elad Orbach your post very very Awesome...  so how to make that Ground Station.. can u please tell me the making Process..

  • I want one!!

  • Admin

    Very good job. Would love to make one like this soon.It has been in back of my mind for some time but.... Will be in touch when I start.

    One more thing.Instead of hard case keyboard, you could use rollable  rubber keyboard that can be placed inside.

    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • i'm planning on finishing the case first

    so it might be a bit longer hopefully I'll have some time on the weekend


  • elado id love that a how too as computers and electronics is not my thing.

  • @MARCELO VAZ SABIO very professional setup

    I will make a post with the complete build and some more photos soon

  • Simply Sensational your GroundStation!
    A year and a half ago I built this Ground:


    And I have been researching new buildings to adapt my Ground for the use of a computer with software autopilot. I would like to know more about your project, because he walked in thinking something like its GND.

    Congratulations from Brazil and thanks for the help!

  • case is pelican 1520 with 15" 4:3 and 5" displays

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