My Flash based ground station is now up and running. I'm using Serproxy to connect Flash to the Serial Port and the Xbee radios. I have a simple command parser on the plane integrated with the the GPS parser so I can have 2 way comm over the single serial port. I can send basic WP commands or PI tuning values. GPS is collected and output as KML values through Copy and Paste.

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    I'm running CS4 - you can download the latest Flash free for 30 days at
  • @Jason
    I think the reason that I cannot load the FLA file into Flash8 may be due to the fact you are using OSX (I run Windows) - I get a "unrecognised file format" error every time I try to load the FLA file. I can read the code files OK, but the FLA will not load. BTW - what version FLASH are you running?
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    Only top of it the earth google does not support 10.1"screen with 1024 x 600 resolution ( or does it , in my GCS earth google screen does not open, though the earth google opens seperatly but not via GCS :( ) , any support for smaller screens is appreciated.
  • Good point - My screen resolution on my netbook is only 1024x600. However, he has provided the fla source files so it is possible to move/scale the components if you know actionscript 3.
  • just one thing... Could i ask to have the app work on a small 8.9" netbook... With the normal GS some of the info and buttons cant be pressed...Seriously pain a in the A@#.... and it cantbe resized... So please keep the small screens inmind...
  • To be honest, I'm at the point where I may sit in the back of my Jeep (cherokee) and have the spotter outside. Less bugs, less sun, more available power.
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    I have tested HP and fujisu touch screen tablets. They barely work outside( direct sunlight), you will need hood or shade. The nearest I found that works is COmpaq Mini 110C-1111EV with OLED screen. My guess is if the screen is OLED , then we might be able to live with it. Ofcourse Panasonic has the right ones but 2.5K+ is not for hobby minded budget :)
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    I have a few for work. They are OK. not the brightest, but having a touch screen is nice. I'll bet you can buy one on ebay.
  • Actually, I found an interesting alternative - USB monitor with touchscreen:

    A little pricey for a 7" monitor though.
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    you can buy these USB monitors from mimo. pretty cool.
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