Hornet GCS and Hornet Micro

This is a closer picture of the Hornet Micro ground control station with the helicopter next to it

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  • @ Micah Roe...The base helicopter is a T-Rex 450...I then modified a bunch of parts and created my own canopy for it.  


    @Ray K...This is a helicopter I designed about 5 years ago for a company called Adaptive Flight.  It is called the Hornet Micro.  Although, you will not find this model on their website anymore.  I created a new Hornet Micro that better fits the UAV market and that is what you will find on the website.  PM me if you would like more information.  

  • Very cool.  

    I'm very interested in the helicopter.  Is there a link to that build?

  • Is that a Helimax airframe? If so, which one?
  • Thanks! It's a 1550 case.
  • Nice gcs case. What model number is this pelicase?
  • Great work, bro! =)
  • @ Jeffry - With the setup pictured, we tested it to 5 miles on the ground.  With the new setup that we have, it was tested to 8.5 miles on the ground.  The helicopter pictured has a range of about 1 mile.  You could technically go further, but it would just be an out and back.



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    Thats this and later last year they teamed up with Sikorsky
  • Hi Skydog222, how far was the range control of this Hornet Micro Ground Control Station?
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