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IMG_0006 1

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  • Hmm. I agree with your points on the connectors.. I used the JST items because of space and height constraints - they're 2mm pitch instead of 2.54mm (and yes, that made a difference on this board :-), and they're much lower profile. They also lock - I have had issues with normal RX connectors working loose (rare, but it's happened). And just for the sake of consistency, I wanted all connectors on the board the same. No technical reason, it just makes for a nice neat layout.
  • 3D Robotics
    Why do people use Molex connectors instead of normal servo pins? I know they're a little more secure, but the regular pins are fine for the rest of the RC world, so they should be good enough for us. And adding those connectors to all the servos and Rx connections is such a hassle...
  • Woops. got cut off there.
    Outer loops are heading to waypoint, Cross track error, rate-of climb, and altitude.
    Control modes are manual, assisted (throttle commands airspeed, elevator commands rate of climb, aileron commands turn rate), and fully autonomous.
    Haven't flown it yet, but have done extensive HIL simulation.
  • Apologies, posted pics but never got round to providing more detail.
    It's the prototype (development) board for a (potentially) commercial project.
    Processor is Parallax Propeller (I like the 8-core architecture, although lack of RAM and no interrupts are a pain). Also looking at TI MSP430 range. MPXV7002DP for airspeed, MPXH6115 for baro altitude, offboard (at this stage) uBlox LEA5 GPS, Nordic RF905 based radio module (455 MHz) for 2-way telemetry, onboard USB for programming and used in HIL simulation.
    Also has a WII motion-plus board for gyros (had a hell of a time trying to get gyros here in SA, had endless **** from customs).
    Inner stability loops are roll (yaw rate gyro), pitch (pitch rate gyro and airspeed) all running at 50Hz.
    Nav loops run at 5Hz (GPS rate).
    Got about 800 hours of development tied up in this, still quite a bit of software integration to go.
    Outer loops are heading to waypoint,
  • This looks like a Paparazzi based AP... ???? With data logging - xbee 900 - pressure sensor for proper speed ....Image is useless without description :)
  • what we have here ?
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