some custom diydrone logos for my ardupilot aircraft

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  • yes any color you want, and size too I think

    The larger ones are 10" long

    small are 7" long

    links posted above... just mesage him and link him to this post tell him the color and size you want and he can give you a quote

    or mention my username its the same there also

  • I would put this on my car do they come in blue

  • no he will sell you whatever you wish maybe a lil extra for shipping but it wouldnt be much im sure

  • Is there minimum order for international buyer? I also has read your post on rcgroups

  • Probably using the black ones on my 91" piper cub once its all retrofitted with the apm

  • Thanks

    you can order some custom ones of your own, and he has lots you can choose from he can cut too

    i just sent a pic i edited in paint and specified the two sizes (approx $1 per inch)

  • LIKE THIS ....

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