On display at the CACC open house.

I crunched the fiberglass legs so I cut myself a new set out of lexan.

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  • I don't have my hands on this quad anymore (School bought it and I graduated) but they worked wonderfully when I had it.

    They seemed to vibrate from the motors, but did not affect the APM. This could have be solved by having two legs bolt together like the original fiberglass ones. 

    I guess the only issue I ran into was that if I had a hard vertical landing they widened the screw holes in the arms instead of absorbing the landing. I'm sure if I made them curve around the bottom of the arm then go down I would not have widened the holes. 

    They are a bit heavier, but that wasn't really an issue for me. 

  • How has this worked out for you? I just had some lexan cut to use as landing gear. Any drawbacks so far?

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