Vibration damping (3)

For my APM 2.5 I used 4 Alpha Gel Chips (15x15x10; The results are quite good:

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  • Hi Markus and Jan,

    Can you guys please let me know where I can get the Alpha Gel Chips. Insha Allah I will be building a quad soon and would like to get some to mount my APM on. Thank you for your help guys.

    Best regards,



  • Hi Markus,

    I also build a TBS and fitted an APM 2.5
    I put two strips of Kyosho tape but the result was bad (very bad).

    I now changed it to 4 small chips on each corner and will give it another try if we get some dry weather.
    Hopefully this will do the trick as althold was very bad (which make sense due to vibrations)

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