A bit heavy. I will reach 12-14Kg TOW

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  • keep us updated, this thing is sweet!
  • Thanks. Still in build phase. I hope it will fly late april. I think it will surely fly well, but I'm concerned about it's weight. It's planned to land in really rough places so if it's too fast this will be a problem.

    With job, family and a crazy dog it's hard to find the needed time.... and I have other project running too: high altitude ballooning and "regular" rc helicopters.

  • You're not the first asking this. I have some SketchUp drawings, but I have changed the design during the build phase. For example the inverted V-tail wasn't part of the original design. The frowler-Flaps too. On the other hand it's a simple design based on the scout 95 drone (an IAF drone used by the swiss army as well). As profile I used a clark-y. Not the most performant choice, but bullet-proofed.
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