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  • I think you have made a sweet little craft!

  • Nice air frame! Can you share how did you make?

  • Yes, I do have telemetry. XBees are 900MHz, videotransmitter is 2.4GHz, RC transmitter is 433MHz.

    There is no interference between the systems in such configuration and all works fine.

  • Do you have telemetry as well?  What tx freqs are you using to reduce interference between systems

  • It's FPV and autonomous at the same time. It has ArduPilot Mega, video camera and video transmitter. The air frame is self-made, wingspan is 1300mm.

  • Very nice ... tell me what you have done here..... FPV or autonomous ?  Autopilot?  What air frame is that ... it looks very compact and transportable.

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