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  • Developer
    @Jaron, thank you by all the infos.
    @Mark, seems to be very enjoyable. I will try to find the materials. Here, in Brazil, is easy to find high quality balsa, but I'm not sure about plywood. I need to find a good "translation" of the term to know how it's called here.
  • Developer
    Sandro I bet you will enjoy building this elegant aircraft, It is proven performer!
  • In my other RC Groups blog post you'll find the answer to your question. It's in post #160 and #161.
  • Developer
    I grab all the files. :) It's really awesome.
    I never build a plane, but I will try this one.
    When shaping the wing, how did you doubled the plate without breaking it?
  • Hi Sandro,

    This is a newer and smaller version of my flying wing. It performs better than its predecessor and originally I designed it just to fill the gap until I was able to cut foam cores ( intermezzo = "fits between"). In the meantime I began to like it so much that I haven't forced the design with the foam core wings.
    I like unconventional designs and built the planes just for myself - although they are laser cut in about 10 minutes. So I don't sell them or give them away - the later because of the sipping costs.
    There is some additional information available on my RC Groups blog.
  • Developer
    Hello Jaron,
    The design is awesome nice.
    I fall in love with this model since I saw it on the twitter's illustration.
    When I saw the HD video here I was drooling. haha
    Are you selling it as a kit or so!?
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