Modify compartment to hold LiPo batteries. Takeaway: Moment & Balance now stable for 3 LiPo batteries ahead of Landing Gear Section. As this is a pusher prop plane, load balancing and structural factors weigh into where and how 15 oz. batteries are placed. To make it flexible, two batteries, then three can be housed here. Two carbon fiber rods (not shown here) added to the rebuild of the fiberglass battery cover (also not shown here).

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  • This innovation has the effect of shortening the length of power cables ( hence less weight ) to the 100 Amp CC ESC and reducing the thick wire (10 gauge) splitter by 2/3.  Solid aluminum wing supports now pass through fuselage to secure the weight of 2 additional pounds at utility grade "g" forces.  A small steel wire now slides in from the nose section and rotates into former servo mount hole in the nose.  Hence, a slight compression fit is used to snugly hold the LiPo batteries while a Plumber's goop fastens the outside aluminum clip to complete the hold of the 3/4 inch thin aluminum corner pieces.  

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