A new platform for vertical photos, very pleased with it.

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  • Admin
    Hi Gary, Any photos fo close up of payload area with payload and other electronics ? Need to seriously consider one of these.:) Thanks.
  • Moderator
    Nick we did build it, and its based on a friends wing and we added a bit in the middle for things.

    Yesterday we made up another with thinner and wider centre section and it had its maiden at the Ascending Technologies UK tour today, quite a leap of faith to maiden something I finished after midnight in front of grown ups.

    The same Atto SET file as I tuned before worked as advertised and I chickened out after I think 5 circles, it was going so well I did'nt want any incidents in front of grown ups. Especially considering it was the maiden flight and a brand new installation of the Atto.

    It seems a long way from RCAP days!
  • T3
    Nice wing Gary :) Did you build it? Can you provide any more details :)
  • Moderator
    Actually onto a second version of the Manta with Atto that flew for the first time today, used the same SET file as the last airframe and it worked a treat! But perhaps more of that over at the Atto place ;-)
  • Hi Gary, is that airframe actually equipped with your newly arrived attopilot?
  • Moderator
  • Hello There. This platform intrigues me, would it be possible to send more information on it to

    Thank you.
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