My CARBON is Ready for 3D

Reptile Carbon Fiber

Sunnysky 2212 980kv

F-30A simonk flash

11X5 RcTimer carbon props

APM 2.5 with LEAH 6 GPS

9XR with telemetry Mod

Zippy Compact 4S 4000mah 25C

My Video

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  • I got the rush 24, and its veeeery useful. Although its big yeah, but for my needs it suits

  • @andreas thank's Rush24 is to big, for now it's Rush12 i  thinking of my Hazards Nitro.

  • Cool your 5.11 tactical back pack

  • @wang i already inform sunnysky about 4S on 2212 980KV and they said its ok no problem. i think 11X5 is the maximum limit of the motor.

  • Ye Wang, it is absolutely safe! We use it and punch it a lot with 9050 or 1050 Grauphner style propeller! It has power, balancing, just warm, it safe.

  • Is it safe to use 4s with Sunnysky 2212 980kv? I only use 3s with it.

  • @benybee the motor get HOT but not to much i can still HOLD the motor after the flight, the camera near view but in the actual is far from the object.

  • and you just almost kill your friend there.. :(

  • sh*t! your motor is not hot in that 1150 prop?

  • @jay thanks bro
This reply was deleted.