OLED for the Viper Remote Project

This is a pic of the first tests of the oled from 4D its a nice display once you got it working.

It will sit in the Remote we Design for our Viper project. It will show all inflight information.

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  • No its in the remote we build for our copter
  • Does the OLED panel fly?
  • Hi Colin, you guys did a amazing job on the X6.
    Sure i will change the design, since i don't want to offend anybody.
    It was just for me testing the display, and my first test with BMP pics for the bar graph.
    And we will use 2 displays in our remote. Since we need more data at hand, and some other goodies.

    My personal favorite part and improvement on the X6 are the carbon props.
    If the X6 would not have a overpriced tag , i would skip my build and buy one.

    Best regards Oliver
    This domain may be for sale!
  • I'm the Draganflyer X6 helicopter's graphic designer who invented the interface for the Handheld Controller screen. Good luck, but please make your final version a lot less similar.
  • I use images stored in a special file on the uSD card, and then just swap them as needed.
    The compass is half image and half software generated. I am still trying, and this was after 2 hours playing with it.
    If you compare it to the x6 remote screen you can see whee i got the roughf design from. but i will change that later
    to a bit more fancy design. I also want to use it to display map tiles with the gps position shown .

    But first i try to get a virtual horizon on it , but its a bit tricky, since i want it to look cool .
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