Oliver testing ArduPilotMega

Oliver testing ArduPilotMega

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  • Could please someone help me with a fundamental question ?
    If those are the so called digital native how can we call the rest of the word (me for example): analogical native ?
    Ric :D
  • Admin
    Gr8 News Jordi. Yes I heard about delays from batch fab in few other cases/projects too.
    Shield , do you mean OilPan ? :-)))
    Thanks for the advance notice.
  • Developer
    Well, for some reason my batch fab is delaying all the boards up to 15 to 20 days!!! So that's killing me on the store right now, I'm looking for other options...

    ArduPilotMega will be released this Wednesday... I just finished a simple test code that will be used by SparkFun to verify the boards with out the pogo bed....

    The shield seems to be finished, i will make a post about it...
  • Admin
    Yep , Oilver is doing Noob test( for people like me) like when you connect the wires/things in wrong order or wrong places or polarity in wrong order etc etc , Thanks to the Resettable fuse that Jordi has put in place( No Pun Intended) , the day is saved :-) ,
    Jordi , when are we going to see them in store? I know you have been working over time but waiting is even more miserable.:(
  • Developer
    That's why i added the resettable fuse! Can you imagine the life without fuses?
  • Admin
    No, That( Stress) is for the younger one who will try to bite/eat it or droll over it trying to short circuit (I am sure this test is required since lot of us are waiting and in first few min this might happen to few of us ;-) )
  • Must be the stress test.
  • Admin
    Oliver = Two year old kid ( Jordi's ?)
    Testing= Playing ( Two year old wouldn't know spelling of Autopilot let alone programming/testing :P )
  • 3D Robotics
    The board is actually really small (smaller than the UAVDevBoard). It's just being held by a two-year old with tiny hands!
  • Developer
    Not that much!
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