plane crash2_8

plane crash2_8

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  • Admin
    Hi Micheal,
    Sorry to see such a mess.Seems like it came down a full throttle straight down.. Looks like shredder ate it.what happened and what was the post flight diagnostics? Will be useful to some one here and appreciated.
  • Hi Mike,

    Also, the electric.xml file that youhave uploaded on the forum, does JSBSim recognize it and is it in the correct format? As in, are the inputs sufficient?

  • Hi Mike,

    What a disaster it appears. But i believe it happens. Anyway, i have been trying to reach you and i am sorry but this appears to be the only medium which is accessible tome right now.

    I am Tejeshwi from India. I have just completed my B.Tech in mechanical engineering at IIT Delhi. Currently, i am working on a project at LEC, ETH Zurich. The objective of the project is to simulate a Funjet which works with an electric pusher-prop engine. I am using JSBSim to simulate the flight dynamics. Now, since electric engine engine.xml files do not come as a template when you download JSBSim, i was wondering how to author this file. As i see from your posts, you seem to have tried your hands at it, i am sure, you must have had some experiences with the electric engine.xml file. could you kindly share your experience and enlighten me a bit on authoring the engine file for an electric engine? You can reach me at I hope you shall oblige me by doing the necessary.

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