Power Line Inspection by Sky Solutions

Power Line Inspection CFE, Ensenada BC, by Sky Solutions.

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  • I see no logical reason to prevent machine vision detection of the corona effect. Time to have some fun with electricity and Project Tango

  • If someone were to devise a method of removing the inspection peice as we know it now, How many humans does it take to make the repair.

  • Excellent!! That's the best wey to learn and develop. ;D
  • Thank for the feedback. I will keep you posted. I kind of have no idea what I am doing 99.999999999% of the time. 

  • Nice project! I would like to see your results when done, sounds great.
    We use thermal image to mesure heat at the cable joins or harness on each tower because if there's heat, there's a lost on power. Also we can mesure and see if there's a Corona effect. We also use a camera with 30X zoom to see the installation of new harness like in the picture.
  • Curious, I have just outfitted my Iris+ with a thermal. I am working to make a camera with the function of a Gopro and a thermal using the same gimbal. How do you use thermal for line inspection? 

  • The main job was done with a thermal camera (flir Tau) and this picture was taken from the GoPro camera that was mounted on our Cinestar 8 to take pictures.
  • The video seems much safer... 

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