106" span

All carbon fiber and EPP construction

Twin 35-36-1200 outrunners

2x 3200 mAh lipos

Booms are pultruded tubes

attopilot, 9xtend, and video onboard

Flies like a trainer and is very durable

Collapses into a golf bag (except gear)

Absence of fuse is to accommodate a wide variety of payloads.

Duration is unknown. I'm usually carrying something heavy for 15-20min. I suspect I could more than double that with a smaller payload and less aggressive flying :-) (or more packs)

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  • Very interesting plane, i like bi-motors actually, what's the weight of this plane ?

  • Or perhaps you would sell the airframe as a kit via  ?    That'd be nifty. 

  • Pretty awesome (the imagery looks like sidescan sonar).  Do you have a build log for your latest plane?

    Else I'll need to modify a Herc or something: 

  • Thank you for your kind words. I have designed and built a newer, larger airplane but have yet to take any good photos. The design is completely different because the newer plane is for a different purpose. Anyhow, the landing gear and "fuselage" in the photo above are carbon fiber. I built them in the small composites shop where I work part-time: . We do lot's of fun little projects and aircraft. Below is a really poor photo of the new one. It's much more impressive and has already been flying since June 2010!  For display purposes the landing gear is not installed. It actually has skinny little wheels in the winglets and a steer-able nose wheel when it flies. The dome on the bottom is for a Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR The photo is from AUVSI 2010.3692382699?profile=original

  • to components (especially the landing gear), I'd love to see them. 

  • Thought this looked really nifty. If you have evolved it, or have more links to 

  • This one has off-the-shelf RC gear, nothing fancy.
  • what is the range? did you use anything other than regular RC radio?
  • Admin
    Looks like a big version of the Multiplex Twin Star II except with minimal fuse and box tail.

    The TSII is a good heavy lift model when equipped with the correct outrunner motors.

  • The design is simple and rugged. It is inspired by cargo planes with the box tail and fairly high aspect ratio wings. Box tails are not my favorite but I wanted a really high tail volume ratio for lots of authority. It can skid-to-turn so I can get video with zero roll if I want. I designed and built it. One of my friends dubbed it "Prowler" and the name stuck.
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