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  • this would be great for use with the navio2 with a pi2/pi3. 

  • I have some files posted on grabcad of an older version if you'd like (type in UAS to the search bar) but I'm still working out the kinks with this version. Right now I'm using threaded rod that goes through at each connection point but I'm trying to use maybe a threaded inserts instead? Once I'm done with that I'd happily post it directly to DIY so you don't have to visit another site.

  • Did you post the files?

  • Hmm, I had not designed for that. the top tray is reserved for a KK2 or Pixhawk and most of the rest of the space I have for batteries, escs, gimbal controller, video transmitter etc. But I made whole thing pretty modular so maybe I can re-CAD either the nose or tail cone and put in a tray for a raspberry pi to sit in. 

  • Thank you for the information. I am thinking that the large fuselage will be nice for the compartment for companion computer, such as Raspberry Pi.

  • @Jiro,

    Ugh that is my biggest pet peeve. With components installed but no battery it weighs in at 1.6 kg so I'm looking at an AUW of around 2.2 kg. It's a made of whatever carbon fiber tubes I had so maybe if i put in 16mm longitudinal tubes instead of 25mm, reduce the thickness of the ABS and start praying maybe i can get it under the micro classification (2 kg). The main thing I'm interested in is frangible fasteners; lightweight, polymer machine screws something that will break upon impact.

  • @Andrew; Good looking and functionally well thought design. What is the frame weight?

  • Lulzbot Mini and ABS, the inner battery casing is Natural colored filament but the exterior is all Lulzbot Green. Great Printer. 

  • beautiful! With what material and printer did you make these parts?

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