Under Construction:

Got a whole bunch of aluminum, props, motors, ESCs, batteries, wire, etc. laying around the shop (remnants from a previous project).

Welcome to “The Skat” (I just like the name). This is going to be a really simple, but large (I like large), Quadcopter aith APM 2.5 flight control.

The Skat is intended as a platform to experiment with the ideas I have popping into my head from time to time and hopefully, as a “Trainer” for those people who visit the field and never fail to ask “can I fly it?”

Real simple all-aluminum airframe and using 35-36 910kv motors, 30A ESCs, 12x3.8 props. Power will be supplied by dual GensAce 6s 5300mAh in parallel. 6mm vertical carbon fiber tubes form the landing gear and yes, those are KrazyGlue caps used as touchdown pads. 6mm CF rods also form rails, at the tip of which is a 400-line CCTV camera for FPV. The rails will also be used as a universal payload mount. Video downlink will be 5.8gHz Fat Shark 100mW VTX. RC receiver will be Hobby King Orange 6-ch with Satellite.

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