Solar Sight II Wing

All the pv's are finally layed up.

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  • We've maidened it a couple weeks ago, and did an hour flight about a week ago. There should be a post coming up shortly.

    The MPPT we're using is a dev board, STEVAL-ISV008V1, it's three SPV1020's in parallel for the three sections of our array.

  • Look forward to the maiden. What MPPT, if any, are you using?

  • We had Emcore ATJ space grade rejects (27.5% efficiency) encapsulated by SunCat Solar in 11s 2p strings, and then we layed them up in our wing molds with kevlar/carbon. 220 total cells per wing giving .67 m^2 of array area. Our first test flight was battery only and we flew for just over an hour, discharged 4100 mAh of the 31000 mAh onboard (6s 10p 3100 mAh cells) while dorking around trying to get the APM gains tuned.
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    Gr8, good luck with test flights. Don't forget to video the flights. All  technical details are very welcome.  In particular the solar film panels that u have used as laminate on the wings interests us.

  • Hey Morli, I'm a member of University of Michigan SolarDrones student team, (sorry website has goes in and out, server keeps getting shut off?). I'll be doing a more thorough post in the coming days with specifications and flight reports. We've designed and fabricated a long endurance solar powered UAV in conjunction with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, currently in test flight phase and performance analysis.

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    you  have so  many PVs    and  I have none :(.

    Good   work.  Pls keep us posted with  more technical details and specs. thanks

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