TBS Discovery with APM 2.5+

Just finished my quad, working up the nerve to fly it!

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  • Gary,

    Don't mind a bit, use whatever you want. The little round thing is a plastic base from my daughters Tron action figure, it was just the right size to cover the uBlox GPS. Wish I had a pic with the GoPro, still saving up for one.

  • Jan,

    Thanks, I'm sorta a newbe at the APM 2.5 my only other experience with multicopters has been a F450 with the KK2. I would like to try different angle values just not sure how to do it. It flys prettty good with default quad 2.91 software. I managed to successfully use ALT Hold and Loiter this morning with great success :)

  • Hi Frank, I have a F330 and F450 Flamewheel and I have just started a construction section for the F330 in the Wiki.

    I am planning on adding the F450 and p[ossibly F550 as wella and I am going to mention the TBS Discovery option.

    Would you mind if I included one or both of your pictures (reduced to 800 pixel width) in the Flamewheel Wiki section?

    Might consider 11" Carbon filled GemFan Props, they are cheap, stiff, very sturdy and more efficient than smaller props.

    What is the little round thing on top?

  • Hi Frank,

    Looks good.
    I'm also building one with the same setup.
    Do you plan to change the motor angle values in the code?
    The front arms are at 55° (if I'm not mistaken) instead of 45°.
    I'm building also a clone of the TBS with an APM1 (test case).
    As soon as the weather gets better I want to give it a go with the new 2.9 software.

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