The Ardustation in action

All the telemetry data are transmitted in real time. This is very usefull for tracking the Easyglider UAV during its autonomous mission...

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  • Developer
    Hello Toby,
    Yes, you may use de GPS emulator. Set the protocol to 3, then open the GPSEmulator.
    then : File>Run ArduPilot mission
    then: Select a mission on the left
    on the middle: GPS Data source>GPS Emulator w/Ardupilot
    set : listen to throttle to ON
    then you will see your flight plan running in simulation on your own Ardupilot board

    You will also play with the Self-Learning mode with your transmitter, as explain in the Readme v2.4.5

    Good testing
  • Hi Jean-Louis,
    ok, did that. Now, I have a ublox GPS, so I updated the //1-7to 2 for Ublox. I want to use GPS emulater to see the movements of the plane. Do I change the protocol to 3 for GPSEmulator? will it still find my ublox? how does this work?

  • Ok. I'll do that now.
  • Developer
    Yes of course, it will work. I recommend you simply to set the PID, Heading, Throttle gains for the Easystar. You will find it in the original v2.4 from Jordi.
  • Jean-Louis,

    quik question, I have an Easy Star NOT Easy Glider. Will the 2.4.5 work?
  • I will give it a try.

    Thank you.
  • Developer
    Hello Toby,

    In the system tab at the print_data function, you may add this :


    ASO: print the Air Speed Offset
    AN3: print the current reading of the pressure sensor
    ASP: print the Air SPeed

  • Developer
    Hello Toby,
    May I suggest you to remove your silicon tube from your pressure sensor and run the ArduPilot v2.4.5 and look at the ASP.
    The original silicon tube and copper tube are a bit to thin and I have changed the mine with a bigger diameter.
    Look at the photo below :

  • Hello guys,
    prolific work you all have done so far. I'm just begining and have not gotten to the point where I'm wondering why my ArduStation reads 216 airspeed while it's stationary? any pointers?

    Thank for any assistance

  • Developer
    Yes i know. I was just kidding. ;-)
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