Trichogram are pheromones to combat Ostrinia nubilalis on corn.

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  • Please, tell me more details of the application equipment, I have a s800 with wookong and waypoints.

  • On trichogram, read Trichograms in AG. Actually I was understanding that pheromones were used to fool the Ostrinia nubilalis also known as  European corn borer or corn pyralis so that fecondation does not take place.

    Actually the insect is most harmfull in the larva stadium as documented here description of European corn borer  Beware there is a typo: the larva measures 20 mm instead of 20 m

    Up till now, trichgrams had to be laid out manually, a time expensive job.

    Here, they are released from the air at very low altitude.

  • Please,  send details;I'm  eng agronomist, I live in Brazil and I want to also test your idea, thanks

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