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  • Sadly it seems the mark 1 Tridge-Bushmaster is no more, really sorry for the loss.

  • Hey Tridge,

    How about (in your spare time - hah hah) putting up a Blog about this, maybe even a short build article with specs.

    This is a really interesting and serious UAV from our favorite developer and it has a really cool snake from South America as it's mascot.

    Best Regards,


  • Wow !

    What motor is up front?

  • Your planning on filling the fuselage with fuel and trying for the first round the world hobby UAV flight right?

    Great Job Tridge,

    You've got enough room for at least a couple dozen Odroids in it, Outback Joe doesn't stand a chance.

    All the Best,


  • Developer
    What a nice parkflyer... :P
This reply was deleted.