X8 Custom Canopy with 10X Zoom camera

I just finish rebuilding the entire nose and cockpit of my X8, It have a brand new vacuum form canopy, and the camera is one of the 10X Optical Zoom capable.

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  • Here is what happen wen one try to land in cross winds and the plane touch down then jump and nose down in the runway!! 

    Crash repair and upgrade

    Pre work and mold

    Camera gimbal upgrade.

    I really try to put some photographs but it keep saying that there is not folder on the link! I guess that I'm just to ignorant about that! Sorry I couldn't put a few nice photos.

  • The camera is the zoom 10x  "Physical Zoom not pixelizing" from Fox thech! Outstanding quality, and it can be found in many many places as a Block Camera, but sadly FoxtechFPV is the only outlet that give you a Zoom RC Control for this kind of camera! I think that the guy have connections with some one inside of the large manufacturers!  

  • But of course I have any and all the info..;-) I'm the manufacturer, and designer of the landing gear for the X8 you just ask! and I will give you all the information that your heart may desire! 
    I mean please be specific, but  the landing system was build because I was afraid of a prop strike! that is all! I can give you access to all the photos on my galleries. 

  • If I'm not mistaken, this is featured on a YouTube video? If so then I saw some interesting landing gear (specifically the mains). Do you have any info?
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