11 Problems with Drone Registration


Drone lawyer Jonathan Rupprecht shares several obstacles that could be in the way of a drone registration system. Rupprecht believes built-in geofencing will produce far better results than registration by preventing problems as opposed to pointing to who might have done it after something has happened. Here are some potential problems Rupprecht sees with mandatory registration:

Registration Only Helps if There's a Crash

Manned aircraft N Numbers are hard enough to see. I can’t even see the logo on my Cheerson CX-10 from 10 feet. If there is a crash, do you really think you are going to find the small piece of plastic that had the “sharpie-drawn” N-number on it, the mailbox number stickers, or the serial barcode sticker under the gimbal? The only counter to this is taglets mixed in the plastic matched up with laser etched numbers on the critical parts that would most likely survive a crash (motors, etc.).  Simple registration is useless unless this is a comprehensive manufacturer backed plan. What happens if DJI requires registration but Yuneec does not?


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  • who downed a 747?

  • Drone regulation needs to be partitioned into:

    1) Hobbyists

    2) Commercial Operators

    All hobbyist drones should have geo-fencing, registrations and other safety features to restrict flying

    Commercial operators should have more flexibility (i.e. just a registration) to allow them to fly unhindered

    By separating commercial drone users from hobbyists, it will stop the industry being affected, whilst stopping the idiot who gets a phantom for xmas from taking out a Boeing 737 on take off

    Job done :)

  • How about we just let that company go, who flew 43 times in new york w/out hurting anyone, and accept the new technology, and allow companies to  use it, and only prosecute them when they crash and actually cause damage.

  • you can thank trappy go ahead email him tell him how much he ruinined the sport for everyone .. email that company that flew 43 times in newyork areas with people....

    email congress email email complain email the ama tell them they are only in it for the money... 

  • Well if you call a DJI phantom flying in restricted airspace a model aircraft, then it is the right direction. 

    Or a solo flying in a tennis stadium...

    Or whatever team black sheep does....

  • the wrong Direction  So All Model Air craft Needs to be registered then 

  • At least its a step in a direction. 

  • can i get crash insurance for my drone now?

  • im watching the youtube video.. and its funny the reporters are asking angry questions.. there p issed off... and insulting them lol perfect.. because its rediculouse.. wheres the ama wheres their lawyers... im sick of this.. i dont want to have to registerer my 250 my proto x or my 450 quad..

  • Wait a minute, we now have "drone lawyers"? The cost of an accident involving a drone has now gone through the roof if we have "drone lawyers". 

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