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  • Dave, it's probably a pitot-static tube.. one tube is for the forward-facing opening and the other is for an opening that is flush with the metal casing to measure static pressure which we get by just measuring the air pressure inside the fuselage. Their method is probably more accurate but probably overkill for small UAVs.
  • I suspect that it is very little to do with negative preasure or aerodynamics, as there will always be positive preasure, unless it flies into parallel universe or very very high, more likely its used for comparative sensors, greater accuracy and would help explain the exhorbitant costs....
  • Did you see the weird looking pitot tube (1min 50secs) it has two tubes going out of it. Maybe one with "negative pressure". Something probably to investigate may be someone who is good at aerodynamics could tell us more about it.
    It must increase the resolution at slow speeds...
  • think for one second that a chinese RE'ed board would go un-noticed!!!!

    hmmm only 99 grand and change...might have to order a couple or buy a new
  • MIke,
    FlyMentor is 'allegedly' a reverse engineered HeliCommand and they have been in court in Germany (although FlyMentor didn't turn up). I have three of them for my helis but haven't had a chance to test them yet. A friend is going to try one in a glider.

    Gyrobot is originally a heli stabilisation system and is more expensive than HeliCommand and reportedly better. The Wing includes accelerometers - the basic HeliCommand and FlyMentor don't. I stand to be corrected but I do not think that either the HC or the FM will do what the Gyrobot does.

    The price on the manufacturer's website is now Eur99,999.00 - they have also stated on their website that pricing is pending.

  • Didnt think it would be long...

    As a manufacturer, we get bombarded with everyone peddling thier old 'toot' this cam in this afternoon....

    Its not $1500 but $130, tell me if there is 1300's worth of difference?
  • Moderator
    I like the product GyroBot 900 Wing, But I have one question why this high price?

    It can't be true that there isn't other gyroproducts build for a rc plane.
    I really hope the community would consider making something similar. :-)
  • Dont know about the $1500, but i want the 1000 yard stare and the accent....

    oh did i mention the cool!...te he.....
  • Chris is much better looking!
  • Good catch Jack!! Chris' long lost brother?
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