184cm supercopter with heli-blades

I have seen this video already a while ago but now, Infinity Hobby has it in their product news. Apparently, some company is making propeller hubs to use heli blades with multirotors.


That allows using of ridiculously big propellers, leading to very efficient setups. Additionally, heli blades are dirt cheap, compared to multirotor blades and with the adjustable pitch (!), there's even no searching for pusher-props any more.

Can't wait until this is actually available!

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  • That adapter - in its' current state looks like a worthless piece of sh** producing more troubles than benefit (for the user).

  • Gary, what's your question exactly about trad-heli with AP and flapback and translational lift?

    Well, I'm not sure what your question is, but the answer is, it all just works on Arducopter.

  • Steve: yes!

    1. The variable pitch also determines where the helicopter goes (=> cyclic pitch change)
    2. Big rotors with large blades have a very high inertia. That means, changing the rotational speed of a big rotor is slow, especially when trying to reduce the speed.
    3. Big rotors produce significant gyro-forces. It is very hard to change the spatial orientation of a fast spinning big rotor to move the helicopter. It's easier to adjust blade pitch.

    The inertia and gyro-forces are the main reason why a helicopter has collective and cyclic pitch adjustment.

  • To me it seems like combining the worst features of the platforms.

    I absolutely agree. What is the advantage of multirotors compared to helicopters? Multirotors have no moving parts, exept the motor! Variable pitch at helicopters does what the gear does in cars. The great advantage of electric motors over gasoline engines is that they can operate very efficiently at varying torque / speed. Or did I get something wrong?

  • yup, real helos don't reverse pitch. most of them have a clutch to disengage from engine and transmission.

  • I'd cut my grass with that thing. 

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    Lets see ... variable pitch heads X4 ... surely that will work, should autorotate too ... kind of complicated though compared to the current practice ... so let's get rid of one head and make it a tri-copter ... that's better ... hmmm ... should work with two heads ... yep, that works ... hey, let's make one of the remaining two heads small and turn it sideways ... it works! We'll call it a "he-li-copter"! It's the answer! We'll all be rich!

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    All I can say is OMG what a headache......I fly helicopters from time to time and the complexity involved in adjusting one head/blade pitch is enough to drive one crazy. I can't imagine adjusting 4 or more heads to have the same pitch, let alone all those blades being balanced individually and compared to each other. It reminds me of all the guys at the field who spend hours on a beautiful afternoon tinkering with a glow engine that runs fine on the ground, but never seems to run quite right in the air.

    Technically it's uber cool......but that's about it for me. Be glad it doesn't have a collective, it would be nearly impossible to get all four heads in sync. If you've ever tried to setup an RC Chinook dual head helicopter you know what I mean!

    Also all the centripetal forces in those large heads/blades must have a huge dampening effect when attempting to change directional vector.


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

  • http://curtisyoungblood.com/V2/content/stingray

    Variable pitch? I Curtis Youngblood has the Stingray already, 

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    A glimpse of a quick reaction for an auto and early multirotors in this

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