1st Drone in Nevada Test Program Crashes in Demo


The FAA has given permission for Nevada to authorize unmanned aerial vehicles to fly. Today there was a ceremony to watch a demonstration flight. During the hand launch the craft did a wing tip stall and landed very rough on its nose a.k.a. crash. 

For more see 1st drone in Nevada test program crashes in demo

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  • For the Mid Atlantic Aviation Partnership first flight before the FAA the COA was actually approved and signed about a week beforehand so that practice flights could be conducted, this was specifically requested by the MAAP, citing safety and the FAA obliged.  It is unfortunate that this occurred for their team before an audience, but this is part of what the test sites are for, to let companies have a place to test their aircraft and procedures in a safe manner. 

  • nothing beats this failure


  • epic fail in so many ways

  • Even a stopped motor should keep the plane level. Underpowered is my feeling too.

  • In their COA there is a list of events such as a failure in the flight control, propulsion, or electrical systems or if there was a lost link or in flight fire, that would dictate an immediate report needs to be filed before further flight. I believe NTSB 830 would also apply if the UAS had a gross takeoff weight of 300lbs or greater. The test site operator also makes operational reports to the FAA on a monthly basis which would include detail of the incident.

  • So, don't they now have to do a full-blown FAA post-crash investigation?

  • testing is needed with more experience company.

  • Moderator

    I mentioned that adage to my 14 year old son in relation to something else only yesterday Tom. I find it simply astonishing that the first time we hear of Sensurion is when they crash machine in front of the FAA. I am less surprised though when I look at their sites people page I don't think those folks have been working at the coal face of innovation. Lets hope Nevada takes a more serious approach to vetting companies before they let them into the test site. It would be pretty shocking if the old boy hand shake was all it took. 

  • Admin

    This is a further confirmation of the old adage: Measure twice, cut once!



  • Watching it a few more times, it looks like the motor stopped once he threw it.
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