2-Axis 30X EO/IR Gimbal For Fixed-wing VTOL

Hey Guys,

Recently YANGDA team tested the 2-axis 30X EO/IR dual-sensor gimbal Eagle Eye-30IE-U on a fixed-wing VTOL drone, you can see the gimbal performance from the demo video above. A nice camera to conduct surveillance, search and rescue missions.

Some details of the gimbal:

Compact and lightweight
The compact 1.2kg compact system is ideal for integration into UAV, fix wing and VTOL.

High-quality video sensor
Eagle Eye-30IE-U is using SONY FCB-EV7520 camera block, features anti-fog, video enhancement and some other advanced features.

Continuous 360-degree rotation
The gimbal has continuous 360-degree rotation under standard HD-SDI output, which will enable the gimbal to track targets freely without any angle limit.

Easy for integration
Eagle Eye-30IE-U comes with an amazing advantage that the gimbal can not only be controlled via PWM signal, but also serial command. Also, gimbal status(like Yaw/Pitch/Roll angle, zoom position etc) can be obtained by sending serial command to the gimbal via its serial port, which is really useful for precise gimbal control and system integration.

If you have any question about the camera, please feel free to let us know, thanks!

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  • Hi Yangda,
    in my opinion yes. Mapping with fix wing UAVs needs stabilized NADIR, not particularly yaw correction. 

  • Hi Pascal,

    Correct me if I am wrong: do mean the gimbal for fix-wing plane should keep Roll and Pitch Axis?

  • I am a bit puzzled about the setup of your gimbal, as I feel that the major use in fixed wing drones (due to the aerodynamics) would affect pitch and roll, not yaw.
    Could you comment in this!
  • Hi Jost, yes they are turned on. Anyway, you may feel a little shaky on the Roll axis when the plane tilts, since the gimbal only gets Yaw and Pitch motor.

  • Moderator

    Are stabilization motors turned on?

This reply was deleted.