2013 Sparkfun AVC entry video

I put together a short video of Data Bus driving in autonomous mode in the rain. Hopefully I got the video in before the deadline. We'll see...

Data Bus is configured to drive between four waypoints outside my house at a much slower pace than during the 2012 AVC due to the much smaller area and the danger of collision with moving or stationary cars :)

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  • Hmm, it must have been flagged as spam or I just missed it.

  • I got an email on the 26th and again on the 7th.

  • Odd, I didn't get the email until yesterday.  I had a video ready to go, but I was just curious. 

  • I got it at least a week, if not 2 before the deadline?

  • Did anyone else find it odd that they sent out the email the day before they wanted a video?

  • Developer

    Looking good!  I remember your bot from last year.  Good Luck!  I will see you there!

  • I'm going for Peloton class. Seemed like the best fit.

    You might want to get in touch with Wayne Holder. I think he might be in the San Diego area... ?

    I need to test out the ramp, too.

  • What category is  data bus in?

    I just sent  them static pictures....

    I've got two vehicles and have entered both doping and PBR < $350 classes....

    In the next two weeks I will build a test ramp to go with my test hoop....(I built the test hoop so I could test video for finding the hoop it is as close to ideentical to the SF hoop as I could fabricate from pictures....

    Never ended up using the video as they did not move the hoop between heats...

    Anyone in San Diego want to get together for a test day in a big parking lot somewhere say 25th or 26th of the month?

  • Thanks. Glad to hear your rover is functional, that is awesome. For testing I have a mux board I built that switches control to RC whenever I turn on the transmitter. For the competition, pressing the red button once arms, again makes it go, and a 3rd time aborts.

  • Admin

    Hi Michael,

    Short, but an effective demonstration of your vehicle. I just sent pictures, but Slash rover is fully functional and starts with the push of a button. I can also take it out of the auto mode with another push of the button incase it goes wild.



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