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  • $1000 for a $100 cantilever (=shit) gimbal, seriously ?

  • This gimbal is available now,please check this product link:

    Sky Eye-Duo Pro 3-Axis Drone Gimbal For FLIR Duo Pro R Thermal Camera
    FLIR Duo Pro R Gimbal System | GPS Data Overlay | Easy Wiring Hub | High Quality Gimbal
  • Appreciate it!

  • Dear Tarik Agcayazi,

    Thanks for the comment.We will release the price next week,please let me know your email if you do not mind,I will send you email when it is available.
  • I would've loved this years ago. You guys have a number for the price yet? I'm guessing this is going to be quite pricey though right? FLIR cameras themselves are expensive to begin with. 

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