3 axis Gimbal roll axis compatible with APM


Tecscorp ­™ launch today its gyro stabilized gimbal Cyclop­™, with roll axis compatible with APM and for trex 600 heli, It is manufactured on carbon fiber and null vibration technology in its 3 axis. More info http://tecscorp.co/cyclop-gimball.html

Weight: 1.1 Kg with servos and physical connections.

Roll axis: +/- 40°

Till yaw Axis: 360 °

Gear reduction: ROLL 1;1 / TILL y YAW 4;1

Dimensions fo camera plate - 127 mm width

Inside Height: 148 mm


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  • Thanks for your comments, all are important for our company.

    About some comments:

    • The offset space in roll and pitch axis is for 2 reason. To reach +/- 40 degrees of roll travel and to reache 360 degrees of travel in pitch axis with a professional dslr camera. all offset were designed for a maximum volume of Mark 3
    • The reason for the lens is not center in the picture is due to this gymbal have a accesory part in the central plate to install a FPV camera next to main camera. Remove this parts if you need the lens centered. 

    I hope to answer all your concerns.


  • $1400 isn't bad for being able to lift 2lbs...but if the cam isn't centered properly as eduardo mentioned, it's not that great :-(

  • My question is has anyone properly stabilized Pan? Like not a locked pan, but a smoothed pan?

    If so, please share =D

  • You are right Joshua ...

    well, this gimbal have a serious CENTER problem.

    The cam have a HIGH OFFSET space in PITCH/ROLL AXis.

    The lens are not centered in this axis.

    This is a problem to make a video.

    Look at OLD professional gimbals and you can see that the lens are ever centered in axis.

    I worked 15years in big television station in my city then i know some tricks to make a good movies.

  • That roll axis is great, as long as you are not looking down...

    Actually, I'm not even sure this is "compatible with APM" because the calculations are done such that tilt is a child or roll, as is typical of most gimbals?  This has roll as a child of tilt.  Subtle difference, but an important one.

  • eduardo,

    It's here  (I think) --


  • I see an arm that I think can move  the roll plate

  • BTW, where are the ROLL axis?

    I not see any mechanics for roll in this picture.

  • I think that for the gear reduction, not all gimbal are fully compatible with APM

  • WHAT IS "roll axis compatible with APM".

    Way ROLL axis of other gimbals are not compatible with APM ?

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