3D printed DJI Ispired clone


If (3dprinter == true) { print = http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:593132} ;)

But for real, there is a clone of DJI Inspired on Thingiverse, so if you happen to have a 3d printer, you could make yourself a cheaper version of this cool craft. 

some guys are selling .stl files for £5 (about $7.69) @ http://www.rchobbysuk.co.uk/store/p127/DJI_Inspired_%283D_Printable_Quad%29_STL_FILES.html

I see some folks already made their clones, and they look ok, not sure how they fly though... 

Anyone interested in printing it?








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  • Mine is printed... Battery bay needs a little work.. Any body want help . I am try t make and space for an upright battery....

  • time lapse printing the drone.. in orange. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oma9EuGLpUs

    Thanks for the model, will build and update. :)

  • Ok i need some calcification.

    What is missing from the files on Thingiverse?

    What do you get if you pay for the files other then a part list of hardware?

    Any advice would be great :)

  • Pilots mistake, i don't think it proves the construction is bad...

  • I think the guy wanted to do a RTL, but becasue he took off from a pathway which was covered in overhanging trees he decided to do a RTL to his transmitter location.

    He noticed the quad going in the wrong direction but by the time he could turn off RTL and fly back home it had already gone out of range.

    Looking on the transmitter the 'home' location was set 3km away in the centre of a dual carriage way. :O

  • Moderator

    Really an Inspire fly away do tell more...

  • Well i saw one flying the other day, DJI are using some sort of image stabilisation, the image was rock solid. it looked like a camera was on a stationary tripod in the air.... till it flew away, never to be seen again!

  • Developer

    I'll say it again. The Inspire looks cool and very sci-fi, and sells like hotcakes because of it. You'll get no argument from me there.

    But it is functionally flawed since the design puts movable parts at the frame joint where strength and rigidity matters the most.

  • I am itching to print one. 

    When APM:Copter 3.3 is released and it has retract functionality this will be great.

    As the files arent freely available I cant work out if a pixhawk will fit? Anyone know?

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