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  • Why not use a camera with a cylindrical form like the Ion Air Rotate the gimbal 90 degrees so pitch becomes roll and roll becomes pitch, and the roll stepper motor can be aligned with the center of the lens of  the cylindrical camera body.

  • @Thomas, The ability for the camera to shift is purely a balance feature. It is to allow the use of different cameras and still achieve a workable balance. Since this has been designed solely for the Hero 3 it is not required as the CG is always the same. With regards the heat issue, I have run all four of my quad motors on my quad for a full battery without props while it was on the ground and I had no issues. Motors were touchably warm after the test. As Julien said the power is very low, because not only is the gimbal balanced (Meaning the motors aren't fighting unnecessary weight) but the Hero 3 is also very light. I could start pulling out some physics and tell you the exact rotational inertia of the camera and the power the motors will use to keep it level but it is late and I am tired. On a side note, steppers work in a very different way to 3 phase BLDC motors in terms of the way they are driven so the evidence doesn't entirely apply.

  • Hi olivier. 

    I'm not agree with you.I don't se why the optic shoud be on the roll axis. There is no interest. 

    It would be possible if gopro puts the connectors on the other side of the camera. You can reverse the gimball if you think it's important, but you lose the acces to the usb plug (no FPV possible). 

    The motor axis must be near the CG og the camera.

  • @Ben Norris. Very keen observation, all the gimbal manufacturers make the same mistake, as a result, the gimbal rolls off the gopro`s lens center. The motor should be inside the cradle that holds the GoPro, to the right of it so it would naturaly balance and the roll axis would be right around the lens instead of offset. Still waiting for a gimbal maker to notice this. In the mean time, I am making my own!

  • Hi
    Thanks Frederic for creating a post about my gimbal on this forum.
    I'll try to answer, but please don't be too exigeant for my english ;)

    -The motor stays always cold because the power is very low. But you have to check that : on alexmos software if you put maximum power (no need), it will be warm.
    -The Pla is a very rigid plastic and working on the desingn, my gimbal is as rigid as a carbon one for the same weight.
    -The motors for brushless gimbals only change by their wiring : 70ohm; 120Kv. You can find it on rctimer. Those motros are working like actuators, but they can turn on 360° and more.
    -The lens is not on the axis of the motor, because I have to reatch the plugs on the gopro. But there is no consequences on the video.
    I'll post some videos very soon.


  • My question is..are you using rewound motors for gimbal use?

  • Developer

    The off center lens should have little or no consequence at the distances (mostly towards infinity) we operate with, when flying copters.

  • @Ben Norris; Ah, ok. So you would need some extraweight ("Coins") for balancing then. Perhaps the off rollcenter lens is no real issue. Not having any gimbal at all I have really no real opinion on gimbaldesigns.

  • presumably he did it this way because of the ports

  • @crashpilot1000 visually the lens might need to be at the center but the gimble needs to be balanced around center of gravity.  If the motor was on the other side it could probably work out that these were closer to each other.

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