3D printed FPV racer - 170 mm size

3689702532?profile=originalHi, I'd like to share my latest design. After successfully finished my printer, wanted to design something fun and useful so decided on building an FPV racer which is quite popular nowadays.

Basically I was inspired by the Jellybean X nano copter, but I wanted to build a bigger one. Instead of simply magnify it, started from scratch, tried to make it strong and yet leightweight and printer friendly as possible. Here is the result. More renders and the STL files are available on my GrabCAD project page.

Technical data:

  • Motor to motor distance: 170 mm
  • motor mount: 4 x M3 screw (on 12 and 16 mm diameter)
  • frame weight: around 100g with suggested print settings (top + bottom)
  • motors angle: 15 degrees forward (also attached a frame with flat motor position - in case preferred)
  • camera angle: 15 degrees up


Suggested FDM printer settings for ABS:

  • 3 layers all around (top/bottom and perimeter)
  • 20% infill (3D honeycomb if supported)
  • 0,2mm layer height
  • Support as needed

Suggested components:

  • BeeRotor ZoeFPV 1806 2900 KV motor + 4" prop
  • BeeRotor 20A ESC (or similar, max. dimension: 24x13x6 mm)
  • BeeRotor F3 Flicht Controller (any FC can be used with 30x30 mm hole spacing, but maybe USB port will be covered by frame)
  • BeeRotor PDB V2.0
  • 200...600 mW mini 5.8 GHz Video TX (ie. BeeRotor 25-600 mW) + antenna 
  • miniature transmitter RX
  • HS1177 camera (or other with same housing)
  • Lipo battery around 850 mA 4S
  • maximum 12 mm of diameter buzzer (optional)
  • led stripe (optional)

Here is a sample of the suggested infill structure:


Please be informed that this is a virtual model right now, I'm starting to print it soon, but still looking for some financial resources to buy the components needed along with a cheap VR goggle since such a small FPV copter is really hard to be controlled outside. If you think my work useful and would like to support the prototype building, you can donate by paypal (nhadrian@gmail.com) or any of the components listed above are wellcome.

Happy flying, regards Adrian

PS.: some more pictures:




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  • You should try XTC-3D coating.  I use it on PLA and it adds strength as well. I have printed a 450mm frame in PLa and applied this thing in 2 layers followed bu light sanding and paint. Ultrsmooth finish. It is Epoxy so becomes very hard after curing.

    Good luck!

  • GPS and XT60 mods added, files are uploaded to GrabCAD.



  • As I said in my previous comment, I'll try cold acetone vapour for shiny surface finish.

  • MR60

    nice. Will you use some post printing procedure to make the ABS surfaces shiny ?

  • 3702313101?profile=original


  • Test print... Done! Looks quite rigid, surface is also fine. But still, I'll try acetone vapour for shine surface finish.
  • Printing in progress... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUHIjDQCpIc :)
  • Awesome work!

  • Sweet! Nice design, nice renders... I like it!

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