after uploading my initial design, I got several feedbacks. So I tried some configurations, and finally came up with this Rev3 design. The major difference is that the video TX antenna is between camera and battery, so battery size can be incrased up to 1300mA 4S which is used in many 180 configs. The only limitation is 33mm width / 76mm length. Other electrical parts are the same. Another difference is that motor angle is 10 degrees instead of 15. 

Updated STL files are uploaded to GrabCAD.

*** UPDATE ***

I also finished the design of a flat motor position version, that means motors are flat and camera angle increased to 25 degrees. Files can be found on GrabCAD.

Also, there was a question related to ESC ventillation. If neccessary, holes can be drilled over the ESCs through the arm (since the wall thickness is about 2 mm there), but it is better to avoid them during print for best result.

*** END ***

First prototype, after acetone vapour (I hope I'll receive electrical components within 1-2 weeks too):


I also added some 10x4x1 mm neodymium magnets as a canopy lock if battery and velcro not present:

3689702825?profile=originalHere are the differences in cross-section with / without motor banking, and some more renders:

3689702883?profile=original 3689702851?profile=original3689702786?profile=original3689702896?profile=originalRegards


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  • I'll not use compass! The gps is only for providing coordinates through telemetry in case I have to find the copter after a crash. Good catch anyway.
  • The magnets will trash the compass. I like the camera mount.

  • Moderator
    Nice update, I will give it a try with petg but the acetone treatment on the abs looks very nice. Good work and thanks for sharing!
  • 3702314431?profile=originalThis is the first try with cold acetone vapour. Looks promissing!!! 

  • Hi,generally not, just the space between frame and ESC.

  • are the esc's going to have any sort of ventilation?

  • great design, thanks for sharing

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