3d printed mini quadcopter


After various CAD atempts to design a quadcopter that is both practical and functional, but not the "standard" design, this is my first prototype. Features:

  • single screw to lock/unlock the body cap.
  • Motor arms with internal wiring are replaceable
  • Front camera internal
  • all up weight 560 gram with lipo
  • Low c.o.g.
  • Full SLS nylon parts 1/3mm



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  • Developer

    Can I ask how much does it cost to produce something like that?  $1000+?

  • Nice work.

  • This is a beautiful quadcopter. Also, I had no idea that this was a method used for 3D printing! I just watched a video on Youtube covering the process for SLS. What an amazing machine that produces such beautiful work!

  • very nice design , can you share the stl file to print?

  • I have no intend on selling the design, since the printing is expensive. SLS= selective laser sintering

    The arms are also from nylon but they call it alumide. It's a littlebit of aluminium printed in the plastic

    for the color. Printing the landingskid would be expensive as well. A standard 450 heli gear is way cheaper and also stronger since this is filled PA.

  • SLS as tech for printing the copter?
    What are the arms made of? Looks like some sort of metal?

    Why is the skid for landing is not printed as well? 3d printer chamber size restrictions?

  • really nice! what machine was this done on?

  • Moderator

    Very nice

  • Are you going to share or sell the files on this great looking design....

  • That's a good looking thing!

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