3D printed Propeller Shroud Kit


I needed 3D printing capability to develop my Propeller Shroud Project

So, I conceived and print another kind of propeller shroud, and I 3D printed it. It is a kit made in ABS, consisting of 9 parts, to be glued around the hub, and screwed for the outer parts.

This shroud can be used as a blade protection, and could interact slightly with the airflow. Curious about the aerodynamics effect of it, the propeller blade tip can be very close to the inner wall.

This was my first 3D printed project, and result can be amazing.

So, I ordered a 3d printer to go on developing my initial shroud project, looking for quite large printing size.

With this capability, all parts (stator/duct, rotor, hub/vanes) can be conceived and printed in an easier way than manual prototyping and hand molding.

The model here is for a 13" propeller, but any size, any kind of arm are possible.

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  • I'm excited as well. Sign me up when this is ready.

  • I love this whole world of print your own designs. Wow I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I am building my first quad from stuff other people designed but now I am going to feel compelled (once I finish quad #1) to start working on my own design for quad number 2. Which may be a long time coming, but the wheels are turning now in the back of my mind...

    Thanks for all the really cool stuff all you really cool people are doing. This to me is the power of open source. There is so much synergy (sorry for the stupid buzz word but it actually fits in this case) from so many many diverse people and we all feed on it and it just keeps getting better. Amazing.

  • I think if you print the shroud with 2mm thickness, you should have no problems.  But if you add reinforcement ridges, you could get away with 1mm thickness.

  • At this scale, no problem of rigidity! The shroud could almost contain your printed quad.

  • Coptare, yes more than rigid enough.  I'm still getting the AC software tuned for flying this micro sized frame, but here's a video of it flying with TREX 450 tail booms for arms with the same hub and Shapeways printed motor mounts:

  • @Ellison

    Great price! But does frame rigidity is enough? when full equipped and flying?

    Beyond protective aspect, this shrouding could reduce the blade tip vortex (with minimized gap), the vanes are equivalent to a propeller with a null speed. The whole could reduce the tangential thrust.

    Soon, real life testing with different 13" propellers (APC, Xoar Beechwood & CF) to see structure stability and thrust effect (Comparing with/without shroud).

  • I have been thinking about this idea and I'm wondering how it affects the aerodynamics of the system overall. It would seem that the shroud, while it might improve upward lift response, would also limit maneuverability in any other direction than up. Anyone know the flight implications of a shroud like this? 

  • Nope, I use the Strong White and Flexible, which is a type of nylon plastric.


    The whole frame is printed for $109.02.

  • I would bet that you 3dprint in SLS Alumide material, for these, don't you?

    Okay, the CAD view is nice, did you already print it? How much does Shapeways quote the whole set?

  • Ah, I just noticed the shroud above is in two pieces joined by the nylon screw on the bottom. :-)

    I use Shapeways to print my entire frame. 


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