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3DR Announces the Release of New FPV Kit

3689626493?profile=originalOur First-Person View (FPV) Kit includes everything you need to start live streaming a video feed from the GoPro on your IRIS+ or X8+. Thanks to the 7-inch Bright View™ monitor’s sharp contrasts and LED backlight, you’ll see the live feed clearly on even the brightest days. Additionally, the powerful 5.8 GHz 32-channel wireless receiver won’t display a “blue screen” if the signal gets weak, which means you can fly farther without losing your first-person view. Your range is further extended with the included high-gain cloverleaf antennae for both video transmitter and diversity receiver. Small, lightweight and powerful, the Bright View™ even allows you to view two channels simultaneously for serious mission control. With an integrated receiver, built-in battery and CNC mounting bracket, the Bright View™ display won’t have any unwieldy wires cramping the style of your controller. And the kit is a plug and play, making installation easy in less than 5 minutes with no tools necessary for assembly.

Kit includes:
Monitor and receiver
5.8 GHz 200 mW Wireless AV Transmitter
Cloverleaf antennas
Tarot GoPro Video Cable
Mounting bracket for controller
Power cable
Mounting velcro

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  • @Dan, the analog video is a safe and reliable choice for FPV flying. With analog, the image will deteriorate progressively as the signal gets weaker. With digital, if you start losing packets you can't reconstruct the image. As they say in the post, the "wireless receiver won’t display a “blue screen” if the signal gets weak".

  • Thanks @Dan. To me, the value of getting the output of the GoPro beamed to ground is that it aids composition. For many other situations I can see streaming from a different camera being fine, and even a superior option when low latency is paramount.

  • We've had a plug n play option for the IRIS for over a year now at- http://www.shop.aeroworksproductions.com/IRIS-IRIS-Custom-FPV-Syste...

  • What are all those engineers doing? This is fine but not compelling. As someone said you can pick up this kit at half the price elsewhere. And a Tarot 2D gimbal? It is almost 2015. Why have they not put at least a DYS 3 axis on their multi-rotors. If they tested each one and flashed a good config file to the AM controller there would be no issue with charging a $100 premium (Tarot 2D is $200 in 3DR store vs $115 elsewhere). And yes, as Dan says, there seem to be HD video solutions out there on the bench. Now that would be impressive.

  • @Lars, there is nothing packaged yet, but the ones most of us are working with use a separate 1080p USB camera. The live output on the GoPro isn't great (latency wise) and it's more trouble than it's worth converting from HDMI when there are perfectly good cameras that don't require the extra step. The link is all over IP, which opens up the doors to live streaming other data as well.

    Hope to have something solid soon. Perhaps if there is interest, it can be packaged for general consumption.

  • I have a lot of the pieces before the kit came out but I am missing that power slitter. Anyone know  where i can find that on a site somewhere?

  • Interested to hear more about the HD digital link you have also!

  • Way to expensive, $350 for a 7" monitor and 200mw tx.

    Those items can be bought from HobbyKing for under $120ish. 

    If you want a 10" with diversity and PVR goto surveilzone.com.

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  • Nice to see a plug-play option for the 3DR copters. It even comes in at less than the previous FPV option in the 3DR shop.

    @Dan - Interested to hear more about the digital HD links you mention. Can you share examples of optons that work with the feed from a GoPro?

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