3DR Pixhawk- powered DJI S1000

For the past several months we have been working closely with an infrastructure inspection firm to develop a multirotor system for them.  There were many goals, but COTS parts and cost were major drivers.  We decided to use a DJI S1000 frame but selected the 3DR Pixhawk controller.  We went with the Pixhawk for a variety of reasons, but flexibility was a primary consideration.  The ability to plan complex missions, geotag photos, and a variety of flight modes ultimately sealed the deal.  On the gimbal side we ended up using the brand new DJI Ronin-M.  Equipped with remotely controlled zoom, the Sony AX100 provides crisp 4K video as well as 20MP still photos (even while rolling video).  Mounting the Ronin was no small feat, requiring our dedicated fabricator to spend a few late nights in the shop.  On the downlink side, we used a Amimon Connex, sending 1080p footage at 60 FPS.  A Futaba 14SG provides flight control as well as camera control.

I must say, the S1000 is an impressive frame.  The performance with the Pixhawk running Arducopter 3.2 is staggering, especially when compared to the DJI A2 that would normally occupy this frame.  Youtube videos coming shortly!



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  • matt.koestner I am mounting a ronin mx to custom X4 coaxial using a pixhawk cube. What do I need to do to control the FC and Gimbal as a single operator with a Futaba 14sg? 

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  • Hi Matt,

    I'm doing a similar setup and am curious if you have any other tips. It flies... okay. It's pretty squirrely and I have the roll/pitch sensitivity and feel turned down almost all of the way. I have not tried AutoTune yet.

    Yaw is also very sluggish!

  • Would you post your pids and battery voltage,
  • Looks rock solid, nice work! DJI has got really nice power train components.
  • Finally got my S1000+ set up with Pixhawk.  AC3.3, autotuned.

  • and another question that would you pleas tell us about the magnetometer callibration?, s1000 is very big and I think the usual Magnetometer calibration recommended for pixhawk is not utilizable here!

    any help on this problem is appreciated
    thank you
  • Hi

    can you pleas share the full parameter list with us?

    thank you so much

  • HI
    Nice job
    Nice education
    thaks all for that

    but is there any way to share the full parameter list?
    thank you so much

  • Sorry, but they look ZERO like this Gimbal...

  • Looks a lot like a CopterFrame gimbal. I've owned one in the past and liked it. They offer great support. 

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