3DR Solo for $399. Is this even possible?


Hi guys,

i just came across this reddit post which claims that 3DR Solo is now available at Best Buy and Amazon for $399.

It all looks valid, but the price seems tobr to good to be true for me. 

Take a look at this:


Is this even possble? :)

I wonder how many customers will resign from DJI P4/Mavic for 3DR Solo, if this price will remain. I have 6 copters my self, but for $399 i am getting one more for sure.

Best Buy:




With this type of prices the sky will be full of robots soon! ;)


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  • @Gary: the video downlink is just a HDMI connection. As David said the Hero 5 won't fit in the gimbal, but you can use it in the fixed support.

  • Thanks John,  I see that now.  They throw in a 3DR back pack in at that price along with the gimbal and extra battery.  Still not a bad deal. 


    David R. Boulanger

  • Looks like they still have the bundle but price went to $499 from $379 yesterday. I have a feeling the price will bounce around awhile until they liquidate the inventory.


  • I slept on the BestBuy Solo deal and it is no longer in effect now.  $399 for Solo and the extra battery and Gimbal will cost $100 for each.  Oh well.


    David R. Boulanger

  • Gary,  the Hero 5 Black uses a different style of USB socket than the 4.  Also,  the Hero 5 is 1 oz heavier than a 4 and it has larger dimensions.  The 5 will not fit into any of my 3 gimbals unless I modify the camera bracket.


    David R. Boulanger

  • Thanks for the info Ernst, just bought a second one.

    Does anybody know if the Solo video downlink is compatible with the Hero 5 Black?

  • I just may have to get one now.  I'll sleep on it tonight.


    David R. Boulanger

  • $399?? Nope, down to $379 today.

  • I personally purchased 4 solos in the last 3 months.  2 with backpacks for 599 and 2 with spare batteries for 399.  They fly great and the smartshots are amazing.  Very impressed with the rig. They just work!  All came with rev b gps except one from Best buy.  The new gps shield also increased performance on all 4. 

  • This does sound appealing.  My concern is spare parts though.  3DR does not seem to have many in their store.  My F450 I fly is extremely easy to get parts for.  It has a gimbal and Pixhawk on it and I'm not sure a Solo would be a real big improvement, except flight time, with a lack of parts available.


    David R. Boulanger

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