3DR X4 with inverted Motors


Just completed the assembly and setup of my new 3DR X4. I am using all 3DR parts including:

  • Pix Hawk
    • GPS/Compass
    • 915 Mhz Tele,
    • 3DR Power Module
  • 3DR 850 Kv 28/30 Motors
  • 3DR Simon. K ESC
  • APC 10 X 4.7 Props
  • FrSky Tx &Rx
  • GCS
    • Nexus 7 running DroidPlanner 2.0

I have completed my first flight using the default X4 Param. It was stable but I wanted it to have a more locked in feeling so I performed the Auto-Tune and all I can say is "WOW", really nice. I have made a mount for a digital camera to be mounted to the bottom for Ortho-mapping small areas. I use a Canon Elf 115 with CHDK for USB remote triggering by the PixHawk. Works great....

The DIY frame kit is excellent. It even included locktite. Great quality and it goes together nicely.

Thanks 3DR for such a great product....

Joe Millette 

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  • Went the inverted prop/motor route on my X4. Still have to tune it. Rolls left during takeoff and sometimes wobbles during flight.


  • Chad I will be completing the data I will send it to you.
    I recently had a controller issue with my pix hawk that put a hold on testing. Still trying to figur it out.
    I completed a normal auto flight from take off to landing then I restarted the mission without turning off the copter. When I raised the throttle to start the auto flight it became unstable so I stopped the flight. I looked at the param file and during the down time it change from x to +. I did not change the settings. I was testing the new 3.2 firmware. I will report back with more data as I discover it.
  • Developer

    Sorry for only now responding, my email is Chad@3drobotics.com.  Thanks Joseph!

  • That was my plan too as well.

  • @Joseph: it would be great if you post this feedback here too. That way maybe everyone interested can learn someting and not only the original designer.

    No hard feelings intended, RoboCopter.

  • As a fellow flight tester of UAS (NMSU\PSL) I would be happy to provide some feedback. 

    PM me your email and I will write a full report on my findings. I will get the telemetry files from my next flight as well.

  • Developer

    Hey Joseph,

    I'm really glad you like your 3DR Quad !I was the one who designed it  along with the X8 and Y6. We actually explored the option of selling the Quad with inverted motors but after testing them there really wasn't any major difference from the standard config other than slightly more efficient lift at the cost of hotter motors ( because of less airflow over them).  I would love to hear more about your experience with your drone, specifically what you like/ don't like about it and what features you wish it had. Thanks!

  • Oh and Im not so much interested in the efficiency.(HArdly at all, more of an anecdote) ITs more a question of how does it fly and does it correct better with the GG above the CP. I just cant think of any real world vehicle to compare it to. I mean a helicopter is a completely different scenario.

  • @ Pedals2Paddles  If your quad is goin to tip, it means you have landing skids....Ergo even if you tipped over it would hit 1 to 2 props and if by some chance both props were sideways it would depend how tall your motor was, but unless your on concrete I dont really see a damage issue. Possible, but unlikely. 

    And even so, it would hit either the edge of the frame, or the can.....which would happen either way the motor was.

  • Don't get me wrong, it is good information. Maybe one day when I have the time I will try to perform a test in a controlled environment and get some data. It would be nice to know for sure on efficiency, but right now I am not extremely interested in it. Right now I am just enjoying flying and having fun. The reason for this hobby. Maybe one day the UAS Flight Test Center I work for will have a reason to test it.

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