I want to share our last experience with HYBRiX, a lapse time of a 3hr and 10min endurance flight test. As far as I know it is the longest flight time for a hybrid fuel-electric drone, and I have to say it is not a lab test, but the same configuration we will start selling very soon. We are really excited about this! Please comments ;)

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  • @Tommy Larsen, The video is for the HYBRiX 20, the small one.

    @Ryan Watkins, HYBRiX 20 it is about 15Kg with fuel, I'm getting used to it and it does not look that big to me.

    The motor of the picture is a joke, we are not developing this units at the moment, but it is supposed to be the big one, the HYBRiX 100, anyway i can answer your question, it draws 11300W at hover.

    @Tommy Larsen, small on the video, HYBRiX 20

    @Rob_Lefebvre, small one or big one?, flying at high speed is the next goal!!! but not problem 

  • Are there are there any videos of this thing flying in a wind (30+ km/h) or flying forward at high speed?

  • Nice model :)

    Is this the small, medium or large version on the video?

  • @Jose Luis Cortes: ~12 kg. is still pretty big. It makes my iris+ feel like a toy, on top of that, i'm working on an even lighter ~1 kg (with batteries)  ~2 ft. diagonal quad that is going to look so frail compared to yours :P One quick question, which quad is the above motor going one? I'm afraid to ask how much power it draws:)

  • I'll be interested to see the 67" prop version flying.  I know of a few people hitting a brick wall with regards stability of fixed pitch props larger than 20-30".

  • this one with 67 inch propellers, t-motor are developing this unit for us ;P3702144602?profile=original

  • Looking at your website your drone looks like it has brushless outrunners... Hold on,

    You've got 100kg takeoff weight so 25kg+ per motor? What brand are you using?

  • Congrats Jose Luis.

    If you ever come near Seville just give us a ping. It would be really great to see that "thing" fly.

    Keep up with the innovation
  • @Ouroboros - it is a 2 stroke engine so we use gas and oil mixture

    @Víctor Mayoral - we are using Pixhawk, the pixhawk works perfectly but i need to think about this. The problem that I see is that pixhawk is not designed for this "high responsibility" aircrafts. We are thinking about starting a project with the UPV to develop a redundant scheme for pixhawk.

    @armen t - for pricing contact us (info@quaternium.es). we will ship some units to few customers in 2 or 3 months.

    @Ryan Watkins - hehehe, That was the original plan, but after releasing these two videos we see that the right product is in this weight and size range (i mean MTOW 20kg or so).

    The potential of this vehicle is huge, currently we do not have translational flight data but we are willing to do a flight of 250 km. 

    So no immediate plans and no price for a unit of 100kg !!!


  • Jose,

    Just visited your website. The Hybrix 100 must be massive! What do you think your pricing will be like?

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