3m wingspan fiberglass UAV from Hobbyking



When I checked the "new items" page at Hobbyking yesterday, I almost fell from my chair...

A HUGE 3m wingspan fiberglass UAV kit for $263 - $284, depending on the warehouse For some reason, it's not available from the international warehouse but from all local warehouses... Some features and specs from the website:

• Glassfiber/Ply Fuselage
• Fully Sheeted balsa/ply 2pc Plug In Wing
• Plug In V-Tail
• Huge Payload Capability
• Large Front and Mid-Mounted Access Hatches
• Heavy Duty Under-Carriage with Steerable Nosewheel
• Adjustable Motor Mount
• Large Air Intake & Cooling Duct for ESC/Motor Cooling
• Aerodynamically Efficient Airframe
• Flaps for Excellent Low Speed Handing
• Fast and Easy Build

Wingspan: 3000mm
Weight: 5200g~5400g
Wing Area: 48dm2
Wing Loading: 108~112g/dm2
5 Channel

Your own 6 Channel TX/RX
4 x 12g~16g MG High Torque Servo's, 3 x Standard Servo's
50mm Brushless Outrunner
80A~90A ESC
13"~15" Prop
5s~6s Lipoly Battery
FPV Equipment/Camera
80~82mm Spinner

Now I'm waiting for someone to buy it, fly it and talk about quality and stuff :).

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  • Is the problem with the power cable length only on the DC side, the motor side, or both?

  • Moderator

    Am I reading that wing area right? 48dm² (744in²) seems very small, if root chord is (at a guess) 30cm (11.8"), tip chord is 20cm (7.8") and span is 300cm (118") then the area should be at least 75dm² (1162in²)...

  • Surprised no one has made a shadow model yet.  I hate that flying diesel lawn mower.

  • Moderator

    @b nevins;  Right about the power leads, and as we all know, long power cables lead to ESC feedback and failure!

  • Well, I guess we'll find out.  I know somebody on the Arduplane team has ordered one.  I for one really hope it works out.  Maybe this one will fly better because it's bigger?

    For myself, even if it flew really well, I wonder if it's just too big to be practical?  Depending on the stall speed, I'm not sure I could even use it at my club field.  And forget catapult launches and parachute recoveries.  I also wonder if due to the size of the thing, maybe it would be better off with a fuel powered engine?  It just seems so big for electric. 

    I'd also hate to have this thing crash in a populated area.  A Skywalker or X8 is one thing, but this could really do some damage.

  • Moderator

    Its funny how so many people new to the community say they want a Predator model.  

    I suppose its the romantic poster child of the drone world.

    No-one thinks about the fact that with the narrow wing chord and relatively short body and short tail, its a stall waiting to happen!

    If you get this beauty off the ground, odds are it 'aint coming down in one piece!

  • It will require some long power leads to balance with the motor that far back.  Hopefully this version doesn't have the wing flapping issue that makes the 74" version look like a pterodactyl.

  • Here is the link to buy it: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=...

    $283.29 it is not a bad deal.

  • I liked how he tried to dance around, but touch slight base on the military aspect of it, but he didn't want to drive it home to hard. I like it. But as others have mentioned, I too am wondering about the flight characteristics.

  • @Euan:

    There's a payload bay above the wing roots - especially for heavy stuff like batteries :). Check the product description :).

    And about the color... It's fiberglass... Go buy a couple of spraycans in pink if you please :D.


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