6 Position Mode Selection for APM with LED Feedback

3689503281?profile=originalHi All, This forum has been so helpful so I thought I would give back and contribute...
I was trying to understand how a previous poster on this forum actually did the 6 Position 2 Pole Rotary Switch Mod with LED Feedback. No where is there a write up on the HOW-TO for the LEDs but there is lots of information on the 6 Mode Selection. 

Firstly, these posts below are great and have been very helpful.  I take no credit on the Mode Selection.  I just figured out the LED part is all.  ;)

There is a DIY Post by Max Levine dated March 30,2011 and another on April 1, 2012. This post shows a picture of the LED's but no writeup to be found.
There is a DIY Post by ARHEXA doing the same thing but no information on LED's. (June 2, 2011)
There is a DIY Post by Paul Mather on DIY DRONES showing how to do this minus the LED's. (June 11, 2011)

Well, all that being said, I knew this is a MOD that I had to have and was not giving up on getting it done.

So let me show the Pictures.... and then I will explain some more.





You might be saying to yourself, why is there only 5 LED's? Good question. If you look closely there is only room on the panel in my desired location for 5 LED's.

So I had two choices : 
First, I could have a 6th Mode with no LED feedback/Indicator/Label
Second, just make a 5 Pos Switch and 5 Mode Selection with Labels

I decided to do the latter. I have limited space in my T9x as I have done many mods to it thus far. That being said, that was really the only location that made sense to me to put the LED's and I really don't think I will be using any more than 5 Modes at any given time. And yes, I made a custom Face Plate for the Switch (will explain later).

EDIT: And that when you calibrate your radio sticks/switches/pots, it will mess up your mode selects.  The following configuration will always work and never mess up by a calibration of the radio sticks.

Attached is the How-To-Guide

Here is the Wiring Diagram as well.


All the best!


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  • Hello All, 
    I did finally get my APM up and running and was able to monitor the PWM from the Radio Receiver to the APM as I was adjusting my inputs.


    It is important to note that the way that it is now, that when I do a calibration on the radio and set the midpoint to the middle switch. Nothing Changes....
    Everything works and the mode selects are not affected. This is good news.

    I think instead of everyone buying trim pots and adjusting them to their radios... that a resistor solution on a small pcb that connects to the switch and LEDs is the right solution. At a minimum, just through-hole resistors connected in a certain fashion would be good to.

    I have calculated the resistive values for the divider solution of 2 resistors per pole/switch position and am just going to solder a test bed now. The breadboard was a bit loose and the numbers jump a little as my apparatus is not so good.

    I will have an update tomorrow... Or late tonight ;-)

  • 3692624440?profile=originalAnother kind or LED bank I purchased for $2


    The Knob someone was asking about that cost $1 from Sayal Electronics


    A trim pot that I am going to try to utilize for getting R Values correctly.

  • Just got a few different LED options.  The Green ones are a bit too big.. but the amber ones can be singled and stacked. I think they will work. 

    I think they will fit a little nicer as well.3692623482?profile=original

  • Hey thanks for your post... if it wasn't for yours... I would have never known and or tried to figure it out.


  • Developer

    Hehe It much nicer looking than what I did :) (sorry for not posting my setup)


  • Hi OlivierD, I am wondering if you mean getting input from other switches?

    If so, I think those switches would have to be double poles so that we are not interfering with the primary pole.

    I am not 100% but logically it makes sense. ;-)

    That being said... if that was a consideration then I think we might want to move this to a more centred location and make it a control panel of sorts.. with LED status for many different things.

    Currently my radio speaks to me whenever I enable or disable any switch.  Thanks to Voice9x/MegaSound9x Mod.

  • You can also use the extra 4 segments for dual rates when they are on.

  • I think your design is very neat and meaningful. thanks

  • Don't cut - just combine this)))

  • Thats funny, I was just thinking that when I noticed the terminals again... you can just wire as many as you want for each position.  Then I was thinking you can have 2/2/2/2/2, I don't think you would want to have less than 2 as they would be pretty small if you plan on use labels to describe the Mode.  It would be interesting to see how small you can get them and how or where you would fit it.  Perhaps it would be a nicer fit if you just cut out a section instead of drilling holes like i had to.  Cutting out a section would make it easier to make something flush.  I just might have to order one and see.  ;-) Thanks for showing me this.  I still think I would keep the 5 modes though.  Just an even number of LEDs to work with.  

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