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  • She's a lot more worried that Citizen "X" is going to catch some government agency doing something that's still illegal (geez, that list gets smaller and smaller every day) or have to explain actions like we have here in Texas with the "Texas Privacy Act"; a hastily patched together and utterly ignorant law that arose as a direct reaction to a citizen aerial photographer catching one of Rick Perry's local campaign contributors polluting local waterways.

    That's right, don't be appalled and nail the polluter's hide to the wall; outlaw the activity ( A journalist or citizen documenting illegal business operations, particularly environmental spills, is still Constitutionally protected under the first Amendment... if that means anything anymore) that caught the polluter. Of course big corporations, Police and Military users all get HUGE exemptions, even allowing for close quarters (As in hovering over your backyard or peeking over the fence) surveillance by the Police without a warrant.

    The law is so vague in its terminology that even the radio receiver used to control a model aircraft could be deemed illegal; it covers not only collecting visual, but sound, radio, magnetic, wind, temperature and even olfactory data. You heard correctly - SMELL.

    Nowadays, a business has more rights than a citizen; corruption is even protected by law. Thanks, deregulation.


  • Diane Feinstein is definitely the right person to oversee this issue, especially after that small little hiccup with the government surveying everyone's digital footprint.  Her morals with citizens' privacy are definitely in the right place.  *sarcasm *SMH

  • unless you have to fly anything larger than a toy at an AMA field. :-(

  • @EngineerX I dont think we have to worry about them stopping the hobbyists from flying mostly because it will be nearly impossible to enforce an laws banning people from flying small drones. The commercial side is another story.

  • DiFi only knows what the DoD contractors tell her while they are giving her campaign contributions. Onerous regulations mean you can't play.  

  • Jeeez talk about sanctimonious and condescending reporting. "I'll call them drones"  - Feinstein: More regulations and certifications. Typical OPV... older person view of all the new gadgets and their dangers

    Just hope them lawmakers allow us to play at the parks, deserts, etc where privacy is not an issue, but all it'll take will be just a few bad things to happen to get the lynch mob and their pitchforks and persecute drones. 

    People flying over crowds, buildings, highways.... cause an incident and that'll prove their concerns.

  • Just seeing Morley on the story spelled 'puff piece' and when 'he got scared", Missy Cummings: leveled his fear. Also, did any of you notice how quickly the 60 minutes crew were all into their  aerial and dolly shots over the pepper fields for the  following segment on Tabasco?  Scared, but not too scared right Morley?

  • Good job Colin... Everyone else has a military bent and doesn't know what they are talking about. The military canned goods (mantra) are holding us back. 

  • @F1P I dont know you so I dont know if youre an idiot or not but my point still stands.

  • "Any idiot can fly one",....and any idiot can crash them and cause more bad press.  I have to admit though, that flight throught the tree nose in was pretty bad A#@!

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